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Please read carefully.


To me, an important act of self love is taking great pride in my appearance, health, hygiene and grooming. This is an act of self respect and I expect you, my darling suitor, to hold yourself and your health to a high standard as well.

When contacting me, keep in mind that I only spend time with gentlemen of the highest caliber and I will only be approached with class and respect so please refrain from using vulgar language, describing details of an encounter with me or my body. Please be sure to fill out my booking form, you can also text or email directly with all required booking and screening information if that works better for you.

I very rarely take same day requests as I am busy with other aspects of life, therefore I suggest booking at least 24 hours in advance.  If I happen to be available for same day bookings, please be sure to give me 1-2 hour notice in order to get ready for you and to make sure my incall is organized before your arrival.  


Please be punctual and on time. In the event that you might be late, please communicate with me, I will always try my best to accommodate you. Lack of communication when you are running late or choosing not to show up to our scheduled date is very disrespectful; I have taken the time to get ready you for and am anticipating your arrival with excitement. If you are more than 15 minutes late and you do not communicate with me, I will consider you a “no call no show” and will not have any opportunity of a future date with me. For more information, please refer to the Cancellation policy stated below.

Although we are about to embark on an erotic and orgasm filled journey,  we will only continue if you are respectful of my boundaries. If at any point I am not enjoying a certain act, I will most likely suggest something else we can both enjoy, after all time together is supposed to be fun for both of us. If I feel like my boundaries are not being respected or feel unsafe at any point during our date, I will be forced to terminate the session and will not accept future dates with you.  


Nothing turns me on like a man with impeccable hygiene, fresh out of the shower with minty fresh breath therefore showers are mandatory. My incall is stocked with fresh towels, men’s hygiene products and mouth wash. I also ask that you trim your nails, I have very soft skin that scars and bruises easily, I’d rather not remember our encounter from marks left on my skin.




I understand that going through a screening process brings up a lot of unpleasant emotions and fear around safety and discretion in regards to protecting yourself.  I completely understand but may I suggest you think about it this way-before booking a hotel room or when applying for a job or loan, you are required provide some form of identification which you provide freely because you trust that they are professional and will not disclose your private information. I expect potential suitors to extend the same professional courtesy and understand that I will treat your information with discretion and privacy. Although I am a hedonist I am also a person with integrity and high morals with great pride in my reputation. Mishandling your information or betraying your trust is not worth ruining my reputation or losing my integrity over.  

I require screening for my safety and protection, I only allow gentlemen of the highest calibre to enter my sacred and intimate space. . I require all steps of my screening process to be completed either through my contact page, email or text. I offer alternative methods of verification if there is information you're unable to provide like references for example.

After verifying your information and upon meeting, you can watch me destroy all the information you have provided to ease your mind and gain your trust, also we never have to discuss it again as I consider you someone I can feel safe around.

Our time together is a private invitation to precious intimate moments just for us. I do not appreciate you sharing or posting details of our rendezvous, I believe gentlemen kiss, kiss, kiss and do not tell.

I truly value privacy and discretion and I have no issues signing NDAs if needed.

Investment :

Like you, I want our session to flow un-rushed and organically. I do not like the idea of treating our time together as a transaction instead of an experience, therefore it is very uncomfortable for me to ask for the investment as it takes away from the authenticity of our time together. Please have the investment in an unsealed envelope or your favourite book and place it in a visible area after we exchange greetings.

Cancellation Policy:

I understand that life is sometimes unpredictable and things come up that give you no choice but to cancel our date. In the event that you must cancel please be aware of this policy.

  1. All first time cancellations with 48 hours notice prior to our date and rescheduling within 1 week of our scheduled meeting are forgiven.

  2. Cancellations with 24 hour notice prior to our date will require a cancellation fee of 25%. This fee will be used as a deposit if our date is rescheduled within 1 week of our scheduled meeting. If you are unable to reschedule within 1 week, the cancellation fee is non-refundable and cannot be applied to future dates.

  3. Cancellations with 12 hours or less notice prior to our date will result in a 50% non-refunable fee. In addition, a 25% deposit is required for future bookings.

  4. All no shows will be automatically blocked and blacklisted with no opportunity to ever see me. I respect your time and I expect the same in return.


I am more than happy to be your reference in order to see another companion. One of the joys of seeing professional companions is that there is no need for commitment so I encourage you to explore and be happy in your pursuit of eros. When it comes to safety, professional companions take care of each other so keep in mind that I will be very honest about our encounter when providing a reference. If you are anything less than a gentleman, I will most definitely state that in your reference and your chances of seeing new companions will be greatly reduced.

If you have any more questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

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