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  • What kind of clients do you see?
    While I prefer to keep my circle small and intimate, my clients come from all walks of life, all ethnic and professional backgrounds and belong to an age group that reflects some life experience (over the age of 25). The three traits they have in common are generosity, kindness and conscientiousness. They are generous not only financially but in spirit. They are the type to return shopping carts to their designated areas instead of leaving them in the parking lot, they are respectful to waiters and anyone in the service industry, they hold doors open for others, they are thoughtful and well mannered gentlemen. They all have a deep desire for a true blend of therapeutic and sensual massage modalities. I will NEVER discriminate on race, ethnicity or physical appearance. Come as you are, you are welcome here.
  • What kind of clients do you NOT see?
    I only discriminate against men with bad hygiene, slobbyists, stinginess and poor manners. I am a lady who treats everyone with respect, I demand nothing less in return. My three rules are you must be over 25, don’t be an asshole and have good hygiene. Simple, right? At this time I prefer one-on-one engagement with men, I do not see couples and women.
  • This is my first time seeing a professional sensual masseuse, are you newbie friendly?
    Welcome to this wonderful world of pleasure! I am newbie friendly and it would be my pleasure to be your first encounter with an experienced sensual masseuse. I only ask that you familiarize yourself with my site, be respectful, kind and well mannered. I assure you that our time together will not feel rushed; we will have enough time to work through first time nerves and get better acquainted.
  • Are your pictures really you?
    There’s only one way to find out- set a date with me so you can discover that I not only look like my pictures but I am even sexier and funnier in real life. I update my portfolio every couple of months so my photos are always a current and accurate representation of what I look like. I assure you that even though I blur out my face from privacy and discretion I am not a cross eyed wart faced troll. I choose not to maintain a social media presence due to other civilian endeavors, career opportunities and generally being a low profile person with introvert tendencies. I believe the time and effort I put into creating this website and the further creation of my blog is more than enough to prove that I’m real. A simple google search of ‘Freya Woods Ottawa Escort’ will result in a history of my advertisements and pictures dating back to 2017.
  • When are you available?
    I keep an updated monthly itinerary which can be found by clicking the button below: If you are running late, please communicate with as much notice as possible. If you are over 15 minutes late without any form of communication, this will be considered a “no call no show”, our booking will be cancelled, your deposit will not be refunded and not applicable to future bookings.
  • Where are you located?
    My discrete upscale love nest is located a few minute from HWY 417 in Nepean, Ottawa, ON.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    Via text: 613 220 9618 Via email: Via my online booking form: Contact
  • What is your deposit policy?
    All bookings required a deposit of $100 via e-transfer or PayPal.
  • Is a deposit mandatory to see you?
    YES! I do not see anyone without a deposit, you could be Jason Momoa booking 6 hours to feed me burgers while I soak in a eucalyptus and lavender scented bubble bath in a rose quartz bath tub, staring longingly into my eyes, giving me earth shattering full body orgasms and periodically raining $100 bills while I shake my ass, YOU STILL NEED TO SEND A DEPOSIT! Why?Deposits are non-negotiable as they protect my time and energy from last minute cancellations and fake bookings. Time is the one resource we can never get back, I do not appreciate mine being wasted.
  • I’ve been scammed before, you’re going to run away with my $100?!
    Darling, if you chose to send a deposit to a "provider" who advertises with fake/stolen pictures, has no online presence, is not verified on Tryst, Lyla, Leolist or any reputable site that offers verification for service providers and has no reviews online...that is your problem, I encourage you to use your critical thinking skills. Before sending a deposit I suggest that you do your research. An adult service provider who has taken the time build verifiability via creating a website, building a social media persona, investing in professional pictures, copy writing authentic content and has reviews will not waste her time on scamming potential clients. That is counterproductive. My reputation and personal ethics speak for themselves, it would be a disservice to myself to compromise that for $100. Besides, I want us to build an authentic connection over time, this can only happen when we have a foundation built on trust and mutual respect. There are forums reporting industry scammers, I suggest you take a look when doing your research and encourage you to report providers who have scammed you:
  • I am a regular client, do I still need to send a deposit?
    I do not consider you a regular client until trust has been established over a minimum of 5 meetings within one calendar year. At this point and at my discretion, deposit will no longer be required given that you are the type of gentleman to send me the same deposit amount (or more) as a cancellation fee at the time of or before cancelling. If I have to ask more than once for this cancellation fee, I will terminate our relationship and you will be blacklisted for wasting my time.
  • Do you accept gift cards as a form of deposit?
    No. A gift card is a gift, not a form of payment. If you’d prefer this method you are welcome to send the gift card as a gift and pay the full rate when we meet, this gift card amount will not be subtracted from the full balance of my rate. It is a gift, not a deposit.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance result in your deposit being forfeited. Cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance can be rescheduled within 1 month with the deposit still applicable to our future meeting. In the rare occasion I have to cancel, your deposit will be refunded in full via PayPal within the hour of my cancellation. I have no desire or energy to scam you and will happily return deposits if I have to cancel our meeting for whatever reason.
  • Do you offer online/virtual services?
    Nope! I would rather make you moan in real life.
  • I’ve texted/e-mailed you, why haven’t you gotten back to me?!
    Thank you for your inquiry, I appreciate your enthusiasm for my response. I live a full and busy life outside of being Freya and I am not always glued to my phone. There are several reasons why I haven’t replied such as: I do not reply to messages that are not well written. e.g hi bb, you avail, are you free now, etc. not only show a lack of effort, tact and respect but immediately rules you out of the standard of clientele I accustomed to. Please find the proper template on messaging me on my contact page: Discretion: For your discretion if more than 5 hours has passed since receiving your first message, I will not reply unless otherwise instructed to. Please text or email again and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. I’m on hiatus/vacation: During this time, I will not be available to inquiries and meetings. Hiatuses will always be announced ahead of time in my itinerary and blog. Your message reeks of entitled asshole vibes, you used crass language, asked for pictures or sent me a novella of weird bs. Don’t expect a response. We are not a good match.
  • May I use you as a reference?
    Absolutely! One of the joys of seeing professional escort is that you are not obligated to see only one, you can see a variety of women whenever you want. I will happily provide you with a reference if we’ve seen other within the past 6 months. Please notify me that I will be contacted for a reference request to protect your privacy. I will not provide any information on your character unless you have given me explicit consent to do so.

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