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A Passionate Serenade to Sensual Massage

Soft hands caressing skin with care,

An intimate dance of touch and air.

Energy flowing from hand to spine,

As we enter into a sacred shrine.

Warm oils dripping down the flesh,

Guiding us to a place of rest.

Breathing deep, we let go of all,

As the massage creates a healing call.

With each stroke, we feel alive,

As we open up and let go of strife.

In the language of touch, we find our terrain,

In the symphony of sensuality, we transcend the mundane.

Our bodies and minds begin to blend,

As we find a sense of unity and mend.

Sensual massage, a journey of the heart,

Guiding us to a place of pure art.

A place where we can truly be,

Open, free, and eternally happy.

Thankful for this intimate space,

Where love and energy interlace.

Sensual massage, a sacred act,

Guiding us to a place of fact.

That in love, we are all one,

Guiding us towards the eternal OM.





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